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Slideshow | The Force is with Disney now

Disney’s deal for Lucasfilm brings with it the promise a new trilogy in the Star Wars franchise that has achieved iconic status in popular culture
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    Walt Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger (left), and filmmaker and Lucasfilm chairman George Lucas at the Walt Disney Co. headquarters in Burbank, California. Reuters
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    In this 15 October 2011 photo, ‘Darth Vader’ accepts the Ultimate Villain award from Star Wars creator George Lucas during the 2011 Scream Awards, in Los Angeles. The first film in the new trilogy is expected to come out in 2015. AP
  • photo
    A Yoda fountain outside the Lucasfilm headquarters. The San Francisco company was founded in 1971 by Lucas. AP
  • photo
    Lucas with stromtroopers at a launch event on 6 October 2006 in Los Angeles. AFP
  • photo
    A Yoda muppet at a Star Wars celebration on 10 September 2011 in Mexico. AFP
  • photo
    Lucas (centre) with actors Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill and Darth Vader, 3CPO, R2D2 and Chewbacca at the Star Wars Special Editon event in Los Angeles on 18 January 1997. Reuters
  • photo
    R2D2 at an exhibition titled Et l’homme crea le robot (And man created the robot) at the Arts et Metiers Museum, Paris, on 29 October. AFP
  • photo
    Peter Mayhew’s original Chewbacca head went up for for auction at Profiles In History in Calabasas, Los Angeles, on 19 July. AFP

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